Photobucket ......Silver Brook kennel is owned and operated by Jennie   Scott  of  Ambrose, GA. I have been a breeder of dogs for more than (19) nineteen years.  My goal was to purchase the best breeders possible,  by closely observing their pedigrees, coat colors and conformation.  Our kennel was planned to produce quality Labrador retriever puppies, breeding primarily toward silver/gray, snow white and cream colored lab puppies.   Silver Brook Kennel was designed to remain a small kennel, housing app. 10-15 dams and 6-8 sires.  This enables me to do selective breeding for color, size and temperament.  By maintaining a small number of breeders, this allows me to interact with all my dogs frequently on a daily basis.    All are AKC registered.


    I encourage all "Deposit holders" to come and visit our kennel by appointments.  I am always delighted to display our dog operation.  The two story  indoor/outdoor kennel was constructed specifically & designed with a whelping /birthing center for the large breed of our Labrador Retrievers. The whelping center located on the bottom floor consist of  floors and walls completely tiled with porcelin, and ceremic tile for sanitary purposes. Six individualized whelping rooms tiled with puppy guard rails. Seperate feeding centers just for the puppies and the mother. Each has their own automatic waters and feeders in each feed area. Two wash rooms for adult dogs. Deep sink for washing puppies. Dry storage/feed room, laundry room. Specialized drainage system thru out the Whelping center to the septic system. Central heat and air with a timed ventilation system. The outdoor facility consist of concrete floors, septic tanks, divided by chain linked fencing, with tin roofing.  Factory Fans controlled by a temperature timer. Automatic feeders, waters and heated dog houses are in each pen.  This provides an open-air environment.  All dogs have access to their own chain link fenced in run, excerise area as well as 300+ acres to roam undersupervision mainly for training/hunting purposes.


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